Yesterday, a client called me and said there was some problem opening an exam. I asked the client to try several solutions and finally fixed the problem. The client thanked me helping him out and I thanked him spending the time to solve the problem. So, we were there saying thank you several times over the phone. Finally, he said “We have the same goal, to solve the problem so the poor sucker can take his exam.” Wait a minute! Did he just say the poor “sucker” or “bugger”?! No matter what he said, I nearly laughed my head off.

Today, a different client called, I picked up the phone and said the usual stuff “Welcome to bleh bleh, this is Amanda, how may I help you?”. The caller ID number showed up on my phone so I knew who this client was. He was talking to someone else when I answered the phone, so he did not talk to me at the beginning. After half minute, he was still talking to someone else, I thought he might dialed the number by accident. Hence, I yelled over the phone “bleh bleh, are you there???” Then he came around and said “Oh Yes! I’m here.”

The reason he called me was because he checked his schedule and found someone booked an exam at 6:30 AM at his site, and he was confused as it is too early, he doesn’t start his site until 9:30 AM. He needed me to contact that person to reschedule. I called that person’s contact number and left a message. While waiting for that person to call me back, I thought he might not realize what he did and selected the time by accident. However, when he called back and heard the reason why I needed to reschedule his exam, he was bit surprised. He really thought he could take the exam at 6:30 AM!! What on earth does a person want to take an exam at 6:30 in the morning?!?!