I bought a new phone on Tuesday for the reason I think I already posted here. After I received the phone on Wednesday, the first thing I did was calling the new mobile carrier to activate the account and process existing number transfer, so I could keep the mobile number I have been using since I got here.

On Wednesday when I called the new carrier, they told me the number would be transferred in about three hours. I waited and waited until that night, it hasn’t be done. I called them back that night and they told me some information I provided was incorrect, so I called the existing carrier to obtain the correct information. Called the new carrier back and confirmed everything again with it, the person on the other line from the new carrier said everything I provided at the first time was correct, but it was rejected somehow, she said she would send the request out again and it should be done by yesterday afternoon.

I waited and waited again until yesterday afternoon and it hasn’t been done, I called the new carrier again and this time with a better luck. The guy who was on the other line checked my application and reconfirmed everything again, then he asked me if I have everything on one bill with my existing carrier, I said yes. I have the land line, pay TV and mobile phone three accounts on a single bill. He said that’s why the request was rejected, I have to call the existing carrier first, to separate the mobile account from the other accounts then the number can be transferred.

I called the existing carrier this morning and separated the accounts, they told me it needs 24 hours for the change to be effective. I am having second thoughts though, I may keep the existing carrier but change the mobile account to pre-paid, so I have two mobile numbers. It’s just too troublesome to do this change over thing.