Nothing much happened to me during the weekend. Stayed at home whole day Saturday and cleaned the place. On Sunday, went to Chatswood to have a haircut, just trim the ends off. Don’t think the girl did a good job, not even an okay job, but hair will grow back, and I’ll never go back to that place again, that’s all.

Watched news last night just before I went to bed, there were many arrests over the weekend, the police force was full on guarding all the popular beaches in Sydney. The numbers of beach goers dropped dramatically. It was the result of last weekend’s problem.

Those white Aussies who are white supermacists are stupid! Very stupid!! They don’t know how much Australia relies on tourism, and how many “white” people visit Australia each year? If Australia only relies on those “white” tourists, the Australian economic situation will go downhills and cannot be saved.

However, for those people who are not “white”, they should look at themselves too. They cause a lot of troubles and say they do no wrong according their “traditions” or “religion”. What a bull crap!! Since you live in Australia, you ought to learn what are acceptable and what are not acceptable in Australia, if you don’t like it, go back to wherever you come from. Of course I don’t mean throw away the tradition or believes, I just mean people need to be more adaptive to different culture.