Had yakiniku with few friends last night. It was all you can eat for 90 minutes, and the price was kind of fair, but the price for drink is bit too high. I ate a lot, totally pigged myself out. Then we went to Manly beach for walk off all those meat. At Manly, we saw penguins! Don’t know where they from, and was so surprised to see penguins in Sydney. Took few photos with the phone, but again, the quality is not too good…

We were pretending to be ladylike… What am I saying? We are very ladylike!

I had to stop this guy from standing on his toes, because he looked bit shorter than I was in the photo, and he thought it was unacceptable. The truth is, I was wearing high hills last night. Ho Ho Ho

This guy didn’t want to have a picture taken with me at the beginning, but I forced him to, that’s why the funny face.

At the beginning, they couldn’t fit our heads in one photo… My head is not that big!