One of the richest men in Australia died on Boxing Day. This guy owned the majority of Australia media business, such as a television channel, magazines, he also owned two casinos. He was worth 7 billion Australian dollars.

Seems like he did not want to live any more due to sickness, I know he had a kidney transplant done few years ago. And he wanted to go this time.

As he was such a rich person, there would be a lot of money left behind him. I wonder if he has set up his will properly, I wonder if there will be some one jumps out from no where in the near future announcing he/she is the rich man’s child and try to grab some money from the family. Will there be any ugly fighting?

It is so troublesome to die these days. No matter how rich or poor one is, he or she needs to have a will. Also one has to plan what needs to be done with the body. All these cost money.

I am not sure what I want with my body after I die. I don’t really want to be buried, because I don’t think I will have enough money to buy myself a hole underground. I’d like to be burnt, I think.