Just called to cancel my Foxtel subscription. Foxtel is one of the pay TV provider in Australia and I used to rent their service through my telephone carrier, Telstra. At the beginning, they offered me 10% discount on total charges if I had home line, mobile account and Foxtel account in one single bill, which I did and I was kind of happy with the 10% discount. The Foxtel monthly charge was only around 60 dollars at that time.

However, a few months ago, Telstra took away my 10% discount and offered me 125 free local calls instead. I wasn’t happy about this change because I do not call any one locally. I believe I had less than 20 local calls made from my home line for the past two years in total. Just at the beginning of last month, I changed my mobile phone to another carrier. At that time, I was considering canceling the Foxtel as well, but I was just thinking.

Just then, I was bored and checked out my phone bill and found that they now charge me AUD77.35 per month for Foxtel. That’s it, I called them and canceled my subscription. Well, you may say it’s only around AUD2.50 per day and it offers more channels and movies. However, I don’t find those extra channels very useful. As for the movies, let’s just say I don’t need them either.

I’m actually thinking that I may change my landline and internet carrier if I do move to another place. If that’s the case, Telstra will lose my business totally. For the past two years, I paid Telstra a little bit more than 200 dollars per month, that’s actually quite a lot.

The weather today is also pleasant, maximum is 25ºC.