Last Saturday night I went to the famous Harry’s Cafe de Wheels at Woolloomooloo with two friends. This place is famous for its hotdogs and pies. Personally, I don’t like pies, never bought a pie myself. I have heard about this place so many times but I have never been there till last Saturday.

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is just a stand right next to the ocean. There is no table nor chair for people to sit down and eat. After getting the food, most people just stand there and eat. A lot of famous people ate there as well. I am not so sure if it opens 24/7, but it does open for all night.

I ordered Hotdog de Wheels, which has the hotdog, peas, some kind of meat, cheese sauce and chili sauce. It was huge, and could not be fitted into my mouth in one bite, for 4 dollars and 90 cents. I think it is cheap considering how big the hotdog is. However, I only had two bites and threw it away, because of two reasons. One, the skin of the hotdog is very tough, it is Aussie hotdog, and I prefer American style hotdog. The other reason is the hotdog tastes like swimming pool. My friend had a bite and said the taste was from the peas, but I believed it was the hotdog. Because I haven’t touched the peas yet. I was disappointed and didn’t want to have another bite at all. When I threw away the hotdog, I made sure that no one was watching. I don’t want some their hotdog fans come up to me and ask why I throw the hotdog away.

Then I followed my friends’ suggestion to go for the chicken and cheese pie. It was nice, the chicken meat was tender and the pie itself was creamy when mixed with the cheese sauce.

It was an interesting experience and I know what I’m going to order if I go there again.