I talked to a lady in the hair salon, she has not done anything on my hair yet, but she remembers me. Every time I go there, we chat a little bit. Today, she told me that I looked skinner, thinner than last time. She told me this last time I was there too! If I keep going there every three months, and if she keeps telling that, I don’t know what she’s going to say to me.

After the hair cut, went to the shopping center. Bought some clothes (yes, clothes again!), and I chatted with the girl behind the counter while she was calculating how much I have spent there thingy. This is the first time I actually started a conversation with the person behind a counter. Before, it was always the person behind the counter started the conversation. If they keep quiet, I just keep my mouth shut. I think I must be very bored and desperately needed someone to talk to.

I told her that I found the clothes they have for this season are cute, she said yes, they are all vintage style. Okay, now I know I like vintage style clothing. Really, I used to like black and simple cut clothes. However, these days, I like pink colors, laces, and sparkles. I still like simple pattern though.