Due to problem with ISP, I had no net for more than 6 hours last night. The problem was not fixed until nearly 2 am in midnight. How do I know when the problem was fixed? I did not go to sleep until I made sure I was able to connect to Internet. So that made me thinking, do I have Internet Anxiety Disorder?

One of the reasons I don’t go out much is because I’m not connected when I’m outside. When I do go out, I want to be home as soon as possible in most situations so I can be connected. When I’m at home, I’m connected all the time, and only disconnect when I go to bed at night. The reason I disconnect when I go out or at night time is because I’m trying to save some money from the electricity bills.

The first thing I do every morning is to turn my computer on, then go to brush teeth and wash face. When I’m all done, the computer would has finished booting and connected. I can live a life without cable TV, but a life without Internet, I cannot imagine. I don’t do much when connected besides browsing a few websites and chatting. However, I need to be connected. I couldn’t eat nor sleep last night because I had no net.

Do I have Internet Anxiety Disorder? Or, I’m just addicted?