Had my first job interview today, the whole experience sucks, or I haven’t been in the job hunting game for a long time. This is the company that is hiring the person, this is not a recruitment agency.

When I first arrived there, the receptionist asked me to fill out the job application form. The form is basically a short summary of my resume. Apparently it is happening every time you go to an interview. I just don’t understand, why they ask the interviewees to fill out the form when the interviewers have resumes with all the information. This seems like a redundant process. Nevertheless, I filled the form out and was bit annoyed with it. Because it contained few tables, but none of the cell within those tables has enough space for me to put all the information in.

I went into the interview room, the interviewer asked me few questions, but none of them were those “standard” questions. She asked me what my parents do, if I have any family in Australia, if I was married or in a relationship, and so on. After that, she said this job may not be suitable for me because I have an IT degree and was working as a helpdesk. Anyway, it was a short interview, lasted shorter than 10 minutes, as it was just the first interview.

She then took me into this room to answer some questions by using a computer. Questions such as if this happened, what I would do. Well, it was a little bit more interesting, a few definitions, few case studies, and design a form. NOT! I finished everything in half hour.

It was not a successful interview and I do not expect them to call me back for the second interview.