I’m actually quite happy with the unit I’m living in at the moment, don’t have much complain besides the bathroom. I believe there is something wrong with the pipe. Sometimes when I have a shower, there is this loud drilling sound coming from the wall. It sounds like someone is using a driller, and I’m not the only one has that problem. Sometimes I can heard the sound from other units.

When this problem first started, I was having a shower and I heard someone knocking on the door. I think it was my neighbor, he or she must thought I was doing some renovation and maybe he or she tried to ask me to be quiet. I am not sure if it was true, I didn’t answer the door at the time. I was in the shower and totally naked. I am not going to answer any door or call when I’m in the shower, wet and naked. Especially in winters.

I don’t like to take showers late at night these days because of that strange noise. It is so loud that I think it can wake up everyone. I told the real estate agent about this problem once, he just said it must be the pipe and there is nothing he could do about it.

Besides the shower, the toilet is having problem as well. Sometimes the water doesn’t stop filling up after flushing. So when the tank is full, the excessive water just dribbles down the toilet and I can hear the sound of dribbling. It is very annoying at night time. I have to get out of the bed and try to fix the problem. It’s not difficult to fix, just a few shakes. It’s the feeling that I have to get out of the bed when I’m all comfy.

If the toilet doesn’t dribble, it may mean there is no problem, or the tank is not filling up at all. This is very inconvenient when there is no water after someone uses the toilet. Now, I always have a bucket full of water stands by in case this problem happens, which is a lot.