Because the pain persisted since Saturday, I decided to go to the emergency department of the hospital right next door to me on Sunday afternoon. The hospital is very close to me, but it still took me half hour to get there because I was having problem walking with the pain in the stomach. Usually I would go to see a general practitioner, but it was Sunday afternoon, it does not open.

The triage nurse at the reception area of the emergency department checked my temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. I told here that I was having a strange pain in the stomach and she asked me a few questions. Then she left me waiting in the waiting area. Two hours passed, no one came out to check on me and I was really really uncomfortable from sitting on the chair, I needed to lie down. So, I told the nurse that I needed to go home.

After I got home, I tried to eat some food and put tiger balm on my stomach, to see if it helps to reduce the pain and it helped a little bit. I didn’t take any pain killer because I was not sure if it is good for my stomach. Went to bed very early, but around 10 PM, I woke up with the pain again. Hence, I went to the hospital again. It was dark on Sunday night, not many cars on the street, and there were not many street lights around the hospital area. At that time, I wished I had a car, so I didn’t have to walk alone in the dark with the pain.

This time, the triage nurse asked me how painful it was on the scale of 0 to 10, I told her 9. Half hour has passed since I arrived the hospital and the pain has increased. I didn’t wait long this time, an emergency nurse came out and took me into the emergency ward area, he sat me down and said someone would look after me as soon as possible. After a while, I went to toilet and opened bowel. Then I felt much better, the pain disappeared. When I came out, another nurse just happened to have time to check on me, and I told her I felt much better and would like to go home, but just in case, could she gave me something to help me to open the bowel if it happens again. She said she needs to check with a doctor.

I waited and waited, I was cold, hungry and tired, they didn’t give me a bed, it was full house. Many people came in by ambulance. Almost everyone there had some relatives with them in the hospital. I was the only person who didn’t have an friend or family member with me. When the clock showed it was 3 am in the morning, I couldn’t wait no more, so I went home without seeing the doctor, again.