I left hospital around 3 am this morning and went to bed just before 4 am. As I didn’t feel much pain anymore, I felt asleep straight away. However, around 7 am, the pain came back, worse than ever. Hence, I went to the GP at 8 am. When I got there, the receptionist said he could put me in at 9:45, I said I couldn’t wait that long, the pain is just too much. He then said I could sit there and wait to be called. That’s what I did, lucky, as I went in early, I didn’t wait long.

I told the doctor what happened since Saturday, and he knew what happened to me instantly. He asked me to lie down and pressed my stomach here and there. Gosh, I nearly jumped due to the pain everytime he pressed my tummy. He said I’m very constipated, and even though I go to toilet everyday, but I don’t clean my bowel properly, and hence the constipation. He gave me the prescription and I bought the medicine from a pharmacy.

After I got home, I took the medicine straight away, then pain guardedly went away. For whole day today, I slept and took medicine every two hours, difference medicine and just went to toilet. I’m not totally cured yet, still feeling a little bit uncomfortable and weak, I haven’t had a proper meal since Saturday night. However, the situation is getting better.