After a day with medicine, Panadol, Donnatab and Durolax, I don’t feel the pain today. Panadol relieves the pain, Donnatab helps with stomach cramp or spasm, and Durolax helps me to poo properly, it contains laxatives. Went to toilet a few times, sort of diarrhea, very watery and very black. It’s kind of disgusting, but it does help a lot. Besides going to toilet, I slept quite well last night.

Went back to see doctor today, he examed it and said my stomach felt much softer today and is making a lot of noise, which is a good sign. He said it will take 4 days for me to be recovered. I asked him if I need to finish all Durolax, there’re 50 tablets in one pack, he said no, that will cause problem if I finish all. He also told me what kind of food I can and cannot have.

Although there is no pain, it is still uncomfortable and my energy level was low. I was in bed almost all day yesterday, got up a few times to go to toilet, every time when I got up, every thing turns black. Today is a bit better, I had some noodle soup and fruit salad, but I still stayed in bed a lot. Walking helps to ease the pain a bit, but I cannot walk for too long.