Do you like the new background? I got the picture from Forever Friends website. I love those bears, especially the original and white colors. They just look so innocent and so cuddly. I have few of them lying in the bed, and they accompany me to sleep every night. However, I don’t cuddle any of them when I sleep, I cuddle a penguin, a fairy penguin actually. No matter where I go, I carry the penguin with me, and I cuddle it so often that the white part is already black color.

I cannot remember when I started to like Forever Friends bears. The first one was given by my ex-boyfriend sometime ten years ago, and I still have it. Since then, I just fall in love with them. I don’t really have much stuffs that have the bears’ pictures on it, because I find they are not that practical. I do like the stuffed bears though, for a while, I was spending money like crazy to buy the bears. Now, I don’t do that any more, because they are not cheap, and also because I don’t have enough room to put them.