Happy Chinese New Year. 恭喜發財.

I went and bought some decorations for Chinese New Year yesterday afternoon with a friend. I was hoping to get the simple design, which has a character written on a square red color paper. And when I put them on the windows, I’d position them upside down, which means the money and good luck come into my place. However, I could not find the simple ones, so I bought the cute banners instead. Altough there are a lot of different designs and all of them look great, with different meanings, I only want two things. Wealth and joy.

Besides the banners, I found that the Money God picture also looked good, so I bought it. When I was selecting it, I picked one that had no bent and paid for it. However, when I was putting sticky tape on it after I got home, I found they were actually two pictures stick to each other. So, I got two for the price of one. At the end, I put one on the door and the other one on the window.

Since they said the dog year is good for me, so I’m going to try my luck with the pokkie machine at the local pub this afternoon. Wish me good luck ^_^