For some reason, I cannot sleep and it’s well pass midnight already. Normally, I would be tired and sleepy before 11 o’clock and I would be fast asleep by 12 midnight. However, since I resigned from my job, I stay up late quite a lot. I wouldn’t complain if I wake up late as well, but I don’t. I wake up around 8 o’clock in the morning in most days.

There are few reasons why I cannot sleep that I know of. When I smoke a lot during day time, I would have problem to sleep at night time. If I drink coffee in the late afternoon or have green tea icecream in the evening, I cannot sleep. Also, if there is something on my mind, I wouldn’t be able to sleep till early morning. The last reason I know of is if I have a nap in the afternoon, 99% I’ll have a sleepless night. And sometimes, I just cannot figure out why.