I called my brother’s school this morning and asked what he should do about his student visa. The school told me not to do anything until they sort it out. So I waited and waiting. Around noon, my brother called me a said he has been to the immigration department and he is now issued with a bridging visa, which allows him to stay in the country for a month time. He has to leave the country before the bridging visa expires.

He can then reapply for student visa while he’s oversea. However, he will not be allowed to leave Taiwan due to the army service thingy. So, that’s it, my brother needs to start packing, empty his place as soon as possible.

There is nothing I can do, I don’t know how come I didn’t ask him to check his visa status. If I cared a little bit more, it wouldn’t happen. I didn’t know who I can turn to with this kind of problem. I feel so helpless. I think my brother is feeling worse than me.