I’m looking for a new place to move into at the moment, went to Ashfield to check out a few places with a friend yesterday. As we are not familiar with the area, we walked quite a fair bit. My legs were sore and they were hurting at the end of the day, so painful that I was having some problem sleeping.

We saw three places and I liked two of them. As the universities going to start very soon, a lot of students are looking for new places to live for this school term as well. We saw a some people at all three locations, and saw them again in the agency when we filled out the application forms. As I don’t have a job at the moment, my friend volunteered to apply for the places under his name and transfer the place to my name later on. So kind and nice of him.

I am very nervous recently, this jobless situation is slowly getting to me. Wake up in the early morning all of sudden and cannot go back to sleep, panicking, wandering, regretting, feel insecure and helpless. On a low level though.