Friend called me today and said the real estate agent told him that he has been accepted for one of the places he applied on last Saturday. That means I get to move into that place. It was the cheaper one I looked at on Saturday, which is one block further away from the train station, and only has one bedroom. However, it is 20 dollars cheaper than the other one, so I am happy with it. Apparently that place has cable connection so I can move my current broadband connection to the new place as well, I don’t need to apply for ADSL.

Today, I went to the agent and put down the holding deposit. The agent will hold the place for a week until my friend goes there and signs the contract. As he is working in the city area, contract will not be signed until this Saturday.

So, I’m going to move to another place after living here for two years. How do I feel? Nothing, just know I need to start packing and do all those relocating things.