Last night, I did something sort of stupid. I met up with a guy who I have only talked to on the net for less than a week. I don’t deny it was bit stupid for me to give out my address. However, I am going to move soon, and this current building is quite secure, so I’m not really worried. So, I guess it’s not that stupid after all. I thought about it and knew that nothing bad would happen to me as long as he doesn’t get into my unit.

I thought he was only joking wouldn’t come until my intercom rang. I told him I’d meet him downstairs, and just let him waited outside the building. He had one thing on his mind and he told me that quite clearly, but I wasn’t up for it. I took him to the pub nearby and bought him a beer. We talked for a bit, then left the pub. On the way home, he asked if he could come up, I rejected him politely.

In some way, I think I was being mean. I could have told him clearly that I don’t want to do whatever he wanted to do so he could have saved a trip here.