I went to pick up the keys for the new place today. Then went to the new place to have another look. Suddenly, I feel that I don’t really like that place. It is bit old and bit dark, maybe it’s the weather today, it’s a cloudy day today.

Anyway, I took train to there. I have to change train at Central Station. On the way there, both trains have air conditioner. Although they are not the newest trains CityRail has, they are okay. However, on the way back, both trains do not have air conditioner. I don’t understand this. A lot of people in Sydney take trains to travel between suburbs, very often, every train is packed with passengers during peak hours. And yet, the CityRail does not want to spend money to upgrade the trains to provide a better service.

The Sydney train service is famous for its unreliable schedules. Not long ago, there were more trains, but they were not on time, a delay for 10 minutes would be considered as normal, a 30-minute delay was just as planned. These days, they have less frequent schedules, and most of trains are running on time, or maybe a delay for 5 minutes or so, but they are still using dodge trains.