Went and checked out the new place again yesterday. The contract has been signed and I got the keys yesterday. The first time I went there was for the open inspection, there were many people in the place, so I didn’t really check the details. Yesterday, I was there by myself, the place looked smaller and darker than the first time I saw it. It also looked older and dirtier, and then I didn’t think I want to live there anymore. It felt strange.

Maybe after I move in, I’ll get use to it. The place does look cozy when there were furniture. Maybe it will look bigger again after all my furniture are moved in to it. I found out that place has fly screen installed, didn’t notice that during inspection, which is good, so I can open the windows during summer and do not need to worry about flies or insects come in.

That place also has a proper kitchen, although it is installed with electrical cook top, which is terrible to cook Chinese food. However, it has an oven, I may be able to bake from now on. It also has a proper room, a door separates the living room from bedroom. The toilet is located next to the bedroom, so when people want to go to toilet, they’ll have to go into the bedroom first, which is not very good for me. I’m thinking of getting some of those Chinese dividers or a curtain to cover the bedroom. Then again, I don’t usually have visitors, and for those I do invite to my place, they have already seen everything in this current studio.

What’s more? I have a bathtub! However, it does need a good clean before I can really enjoy a good bath. I don’t mind cleaning the bathtub, I thrill for a good bath for ages, nothing beats soaking myself in warm water in a cold winter night or after a day’s hard work. I just need to give it a real good clean first, that’s all.