For some reason, the pages I created do not show up on this blog. I changed a few themes, and the “Page” category still do not show up on my blog.

I deleted some pages and created a few new ones, nothing comes up. Everytime when I tried to edit the pages, the “Post Status” showed draft, I changed it to published and saved the changes. Next time when I went back to edit theh page, the “Post Status” was set as draft as default.

I have no idea what’s wrong, I see other blogs have the pages category. Strange.

Just found some things strange about the pages, after saving the page, there was nothing coming up in post slug, am I suppose to type something in there myself? I thought it would be generated automatically?  Another thing is that the date modified is 1970-01-01, What The?! There is no place for me to change the post timestamp in Write Page though.