The removalists came to move everything from the old place to the new place on Wednesday. It took them a little bit more than 3 hours to finish. However, they stacked the boxes on top of each other, so I had to pull the boxes down. And today, I got sore shoulders, sore legs and back pain. Also, my hands are very rough from all the work and cleaning I have been doing.

It’s not finished yet, I only cleaned the bathtub in the bathroom and unpacked some the boxes. There are more boxes waiting for me to unpack and the kitchen waiting for me to clean.

Besides the pain, I’m quite happy with the new place. I was so excited on Wednesday afternoon after the removalists left and I called a friend to let him know how excited I am. I would have called few more people, but I got busy with unpacking and cleaning.

I didn’t have any problem sleeping at the new place for the first two nights. I am very troublesome when it comes with sleeping. I sleep better in my own bed, with my own pillows and my little penguine. I also sleep very well under another situation, but it’s not important for this topic. Since I didn’t have any problem at the first night, I think I am already get used to this place and this is my place in my mind.

Just one thing bit strange though, I woke up at 5am yesterday and this morning. I did went back to sleep this morning though.

Oh Yeah, the ISP sent someone here to hook up my cable connection yesterday afternoon. As this place did not have the connector and there was no wire came into my unit before, he had to make a hole in the wall first, dragged the cable across the ceiling and then connected everything. It took him an hour to finish the job, quite quick actually.