I was watching The Biggest Loser, Australia version, just before. My oh my! I cannot emphasize more on how much I hate the show, but I still watch it all the time. The reason I hate it is because they drag the show on and on and forever. It is showed for half hour every day during weekdays. Most of the program shows how stressed, how depressed, how much the contestants suffered and how much they missed their families. It also shows how contestants bitch about each other. It sounds fun, until you watch the same thing over and over again. I can predict what they are going to say sometimes.

Anyway, I just took my scale out of the box while I was watching The Biggest Loser. Just to make sure it’s still working, I stand on it and it showed my weight. I lost nearly 2 Kgs. Woo Hoo, all thanks to this moving thingy.

Where I’m living now is about 15 minutes walk from trainstation by walking fast. Well, my definition of fast anyway. I timed it this morning when I had to go back to the old place to wait for the cleaner. For others, it may take them about 10 minutes. The shopping mall is just a little bit further than the trainstation, and it takes me approximately 5 minutes to walk to the mall from the station. I will have a lot of exercise from now on, walking to do the shoppings, or walking to the station to get to other places.