Went to buy a bean bag and some food today. Due to lack of computer table, I put the monitor, keyboard and speakers on a little bedside table, and put the mouse on a box. For the past few days, I have been sitting on the floor while typing or surfing on the web. This gives me back pain, shoulder pain and also my bum hurts, so I need to get something to sit on as soon as possible. Hence, I took my trolly with me and went for a shopping this morning. Bought a bean bag and two bags of 1 liter beans.

The beans are very light, but take a lot of spaces. I stacked them on top of the trolly and used the rope to secure them. However, I had to walk carefully and look for big space on the way home so the bags do not bump into other people. And it was raining on the way home too!

Although the beans are very light, I was having problem pour all the beans from the plastic package into the bean bag cover by myself. At the end, most of the beans were in the bag with some on the floor. As I paid for each and every bean, I picked all of them up from the floor and put in the bag. And now, I am sitting on the bean bag and typing this entry. Woo hoo, feels nice!

Now, almost everything is done, just some clothes still sitting in the boxes. I am unable to unpack them until I get something to hang them. The buildin wardrobe here is too narrow for the hangers I use. I also need to give the kitchen and bathroom floor a good clean so I can walk on the bare foot. I don’t think I’ll move again for another 2 years at least. It’s just too troublesome.