Last night I went out to have dinner with two friends, Eric and Lisa. It was to celebrate Lisa’s birthday, and Eric paid for us, because I still don’t have an income. Before we went there, Eric told us that Prime is a classy restaurant, so we should dress up a little bit. When we arrived there, there were not many dinners, only two tables, few more people came in afterwards, maybe because it was Tuesday night.

Prime is located in No. 1 Martine Place, which is a prime address of the fincial district in the Sydney CBD area. Almost all the famous fincial companies set up their main office around there, and everyone in finance industry wants to work there. Prime is located in the GPO building, and there are several other restaurants and bars. More information can be found here.

Prime is famouse for its beef. However, I am not a beef person. For some reason, I do not like the Australia beef, even though it is quite famous. I just find the Australia beef has a very strong taste, which I don’t like. But then, I have a stange taste in food, so it’s not a good idea to listen to me on this. I checked its menu online, could not find anything I like that is not beef.

I was very hungry last night, because I did not eat anything during day time. As soon as we sat down, ordered our drinks, a nice lady served us sour dour. I put butter on the bread and started to chew, pu wa, it was sour! It was not the first time I had sour dour, I ate it before at other restaurants, but they were never this sour. The sour dour at Prime is as sour as those Taiwanese dry plum. It was still nice, and I had two pieces, might also because I was very hungry.

I ordered grilled sirloin with gratinee potato and jus corse, and sauteed mushroom with parsley as side dish. At first none of us knew what gratinee potato and jus corse are, so we asked the waiter. Turned out, gratinee potato is to back the potato with some cheese and cream. The chief there cuts the potato into thin slices, stacks them together so it looks pretty. The jus corse is a thickened sauce without the red wine. It was very yummy, and I even do not like beef! I did my best try to finish everything, but I still could not finish the beef, it was 400g! It was huge! However, I only left a little bit.

It was a nice dinner, but after I walked home from the train station, everything went into the toilet. Oh well, I had fun. I was going to take photos of the dishes, but it was very dark inside, and I didn’t want to use flash.