I went to an interview yesterday, with a recruitment agent. This is the first time I had an interview with a recruiter since I quitted my last job. The past few interviews I attended were with the hiring companies directly. I was bit nervous, which is normal for me, I get nervous for almost everything and sometimes I think too much. Just like the interview I had with the immigration department.

At first, we shaked hands and greeted each other. She asked me a few questions after we sat down. Afterwards, she taught me a few tips on how to answer the questions and said I have to be confident about myself, because she believed that I am suitable for the job. I explained to her that I was being told to be modest when I grew up, never be proud of myself, so it is a little bit difficult for me to hard sell myself. She told me that I have to in this situation. Alright, I have to work on that. She also asked me if I have a suite, which I didn’t, but I bought one straight after I left the recruitment agency. Well, I do have a few jackets, but they are not formal suite, which may not be suitable for the interviews.

The interview went on for nearly two hours included the time I did some tests about M$ Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The M$ Office Suite is getting tricker and tricker, a lot of new functions were added since I was in school. The things I learnt in school were just enough to get me an average result.

Later in the afternoon, she called me and said she got me an interview with the company on next Tuesday, and she emphasized more on the few points on how to handle the interview, such as firm hand shake, keep eye contact, smile, hard sell, wear a suite, make myself as gorgeous and charming as possible.

Well, this is not the job I really want, it is still a help desk role. However, this role also involves some of administration, which would be a good stepping stone for me I guess. No matter what, I still learnt a lot of the interview skills, which I desperately needed.

The few tips I have to remember when answering the questions:

  • The reason I want to change job is for personal growth, to work in a bigger organization to further develop my career.
  • Hard sell myself, I can do this job.
  • Firm hand shakes, eye contact and smile.
  • Talk a lot.
  • And what I would do in an ordinary day while I was working for the previous company.