I’m very depressed again, for no obvious reason, so I’ll just blame it on PMS.

I hate this feeling. Yesterday’s news said there may be a medicine that can solve this problem. Will there be any side effect? Hopefully, I will not need it.

Got toothache, the gum on the upper right area is a little bit swollen. It has been like this for the past few weeks, started before moving house. And yesterday, my left shoulder start to ache as well. Usually it hurts during winter, I think the cold weather causes the muscle to tense. Sometimes it gets so painful that I cannot turn my head, if I want to look to my left, I have to turn my whole body.

The pain in the shoulder is an old problem actually, it started when I was in senior high school. My dad even took me to see some Chinese doctor and that doctor did 拔罐 on me. (Gwyneth Paltrow did it a few years ago, and the marks on her back was photographed. Then suddenly everyone was talking about it.) This purpose of this method is to suck all the dirty “QI” out of the body, and it will leave the big round bruise mark on the area. The marks do look a little bit scary by just looking at it and if you do not know what has happened. However, I was pretty proud of the marks on the back at that time and could not wait to show to my friends in school.

Oh well, guess I’m not depressed no more.