This morning, I went to the hospital and having a MRI scan done. I think it is my fourth scan and hopefully, I will not need to have it done again next year. It is more and more expensive every year. In order for the result to be accurate, I have to lie there without moving. It is a little bit difficult for me, because my breathing rhyme would become inrregular whenever someone tells me to hold still.

While I was lying there, could not move, and could not do anything either, something came into my mind. I remembered seeing some pictures showing how the MRI machines suck metal things around them due to strong magnetic field. I know it is quite safe at this hospital, because I have been there a few times. However, I wondered how fast people could react if some lunatic bursts into the room with a chair or something while I am having my scan done. If it really happens, will I be squashed by the thing and die on the spot? Or I will suffer serious damages, and the doctors at the hospital try to rescue me, but I still die at the end? Oh well, it’s all hypothesis, I don’t really need to worry until it actually happens.

Before scanning, I changed into the robe that they have prepared, I also had to remove necklace, watch, hairpins if any, only leave pantie and socks on. I have to say, the robe is quite comfortable, and very airy. I should have taken one home with me, so I could wear it during summer when I’m at home by myself.

There are two stages during the whole process. The first stage is to have the scan done without injecting the dye. The second stage is with the dye. I don’t think the doctor who injected the dye for me today did a good job, because the pain continued after the needle went in. And I can still feel the pain now. Usually it only hurts at the very moment when the needle is inserted into my body, and that’s it.

While I was lying there and could not move, there were few strange sensions came over me. I felt that the bed was a little bit tilted with the head end lower than the leg end, so I was sliding with my head going down first. Then I felt that my legs were shaking. Also, I was not breathing properly. But none of these affected the scanning process, because they did not need to scan again. I guess I’m pretty good at being scanned now.

Before the scanning, they asked me if I had a pacemaker installed. Well, I don’t have one, but I’m just wondering what they would do if I did have a pacemaker installed but still need to have the MRI scan done?