I am not so sure when they decided to have Korean BBQ, they just notified me saying there would be a Korean BBQ on Saturday night. Eric told me it is a buffet style, so I could take as much food as I like. Just because of that, I didn’t have lunch on Saturday in order to get my money worth at the BBQ place.

The restaurant is in Hurstville, which is quite big, there were ten people in our group and we all sat at the same table with three stoves. We tried to eat as much as we could, and I had a lot of beef, some chicken, fried chicken wings, salad, and ice cream as dessert. There was a little problem though. After I got home from the restaurant, my stomach was not feeling too well, it was grumbling a lot.

On Sunday, because Eric’s parents were out on a trip, so he invited Tina and me to go to his place try the massage chair he has just recently purchased. After they picked me up, we went to a Vietnameses restaurant, I had the pork chop on tomato rice. It didn’t have much flavour, I should have had the Vietnameses noodle instead.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Eric’s playing mahjong. I am terrible at it, I didn’t even know how to calculate. However, it was fun to mix the tiles, pick up the tiles and throw the ones I don’t want on the table.

They didn’t know what to have for dinner at the beginning, so I suggested Long Star, which is a steak house, and they all agreed. I ordered BBQ pork ribs with baked sweet potato. The pork rib was huge, but I finished it, and I also finished my own sweet potato and Allen’s!

I believe it’ll take me a week to digest the food I have consumed in the past two days properly.