I had another job interview this morning. I have a feeling that this job will offer less than what I was getting from my last job, but this is something I want to do. This is an IT company, offers system integration. The company is pretty young itself, but has been growing rapidly since it started.

I could see that the company is still at the starting stage, with some basic infrusture already in place, and there are a lot of rooms for the company to grow if they set the strategy right. That can mean a lot of potentials for me to advance my career within the company if I get in. The company is also multi-cultured, its employees are from different parts of the world, but I will be the first Chinese there if I get in.

On another note, I received the letter from the immigration department I have been waiting for since end of last month. The letter just confirmed that I am one step away from becoming a ture Australian citizen. Now, I just need to attend the ceremony.