Sometimes I really wonder why I feel sorry for myself, and today, I found one very good reason.

I’m running out of rice at home, so I went shopping today. I didn’t buy much, just one bag of rice, a bag of potting mix, and some pebbles. The potting mix and pebbles are for my aloe vera, for some reason, the soil in the pot is disappearing fast. That bag of potting mix is about 5kg, the pebbles are quite light in weight.

There are many Asian grocery shops in this area, so I decided to buy rice from one of the shops instead of the supermarket. I’d like to see what other kinds of rice are available in Australia. The one I have been eating is not really that good, but it is still better than the Australian rice.

Although this shop offers some small bags of rice, those brands do not speak to me. Hence, I chose another brand. The smallest bag of this brand is still medium size when compared with the one I don’t like, so I dragged it to the counter. The clerk at the counter looked at the bag, and said it’s a 9kg pack. I was like, oh, 9kg! I hope I can carry it home.

I took my shopping trolly with me today so I could put all my shoppings in the trolly and drag it home with me. However, with a total of 14kg, it was still very difficult to drag. My arms nearly broke after I got home.

That is why I feel sorry for myself, there is no one to carry heavy stuff for me when needed. Poor me…