I am not sure if it is true, I believe I have multiple personalities because my zodiac sign is Gemini. I found something interesting about Gemini here.
Gemini’s symbol contains two people, which I take it means different sides of one person. I cannot deny that there is a happy me and sad me, only one of them appears at one time in most occasions when I am with other people. However, when I am by myself, both can appear at the same time, so I feel sad and happy at the same time. It is a feeling that I cannot put in words.

I keep two blogs, actually, I have blogs every where, but they are just to test the functionality of the providers, one in Chinese and this one in English. Due to my laziness, I only update the English one on a reqular basis. Sometimes I use Chinese to write here as well, that is because I do not know how to express myself in English, and I do not want to publish those thoughts on to my Chinese blog.

I try to keep my Chinese blog as light and happy as possible, while English blog is more personal.