Since I played Mahjong two weekends before, I sort of like it and wanted to play again. So we had another mahjong session last Saturday.

They came to pick me up around 12 noon and then we had lunch at a Shanghainess restaurant nearby. Then we headed to Tina’s home for the game, and that was nearly 2pm.

They play Hong Kong mahjong, each player has 13 tiles to begin with, and try to get the best combination out of it. I am not sure what happened with me, I seldom get a good hand at the beginning of each game, so I could only decide which suite to go after a few rounds of picking up the tiles from the middle walls. In one particular game, I was lucky to obtain a really good combination at the beginning, and I had the tiles I wanted till nearly the end of the game. However, because I didn’t know much about the winning combination, I discarded one tile that I thought was not important. If I had kept that tile, I would win big in that game.

We didn’t play with money or anything, we just played it just for fun for many hours. Before we knew it, it was already 8:30 pm. Then we headed to Bankstown to have Vietnameness food. It was nearly 10 o’clock when we finished dinner and left the restaurant and I was thinking about going home even though I still wanted to play a few more rounds of mahjong. I did not want to trouble them to send me home late night, because I still live bit far from their suburb.

Tina then said “let’s play for another hour before you go home”, and that sounded really tempting, so I agreed. The result was we lost track of the time again, and I just felt really tired and sleepy. We changed the wind three times and then decided no more. Checked the time, it was 3:30 in the early morning already! Now I understand why people can sit at the table and play mahjong for an hour after another and still don’t want to stop. I have to say this though, it was very difficult for me to think at the end of the game as I was so tired and sleepy. I just followed what ever came into my hand and threw the tiles to the middle without thinking.