Finally, I made up my mind to move my ass and do some grocery shoppings that was suppose to be done last week. I’m running low on food, only few tomatoes and eggs in the fridge. Also, I need to get some hand washes.

When I was shopping for grocery, I remembered that I wanted to have some of those instant noodls which contains meat pack. Real meat, not just dry meat, which is quite common in Taiwan, but not available from ordinary supermarkets in Australia. So I went to the Asian supermarket and bought few bowls of the instant noodles and frozen buns. When I was at tha checkout counter, I suddenly felt that I want to have some Ong Choi. I don’t know why they call it Ong Choi, I know it as empty heart vege, well, not empty heart, but it’s empty in the middle. So, I went to a fruit and vege market nearby.

When I was wandering around in the fruit and vege market, this stranger smiled at me. At the beginning, I thought he knew me, even though I had no idea who he was, but just to be polite, I smiled back and continued walking around. To my surprise, he caught up with me and said hello, and I said hi back without knowing it. Then he asked me if I was a student, I replied no, then he asked if I have finished my study. Up to this moment, I found the situation was getting stranger and stranger, and I wanted to ask him if I knew him. However, I just nodded, then walked away, and hoping that he got the hint. He did, he didn’t follow up this time.

Maybe he just wanted to be friendly, but with all the news I have read and watched, all those horrible thoughts came into my mind. What if he wanted to get some money out of me? What if he’s a psycho?