Remember a post nearly two weeks ago about one of the job interview I attended? Let’s call it job A Well, I got an email from the interviwer asking me for the referees’ contact phone numbers on Wednesday, I provided the information straight away. However, I have not heard from her yet.

I applied for another job at the beginning of this week, I’ll just call it job B, the last interview for this job is now scheduled on next Monday. Even though job A probably would offer less than job B, I still like job A more. However, if I don’t hear from job A by next Monday, I may not have other choices but take job B.

I nearly gave up on job A after a week had passed until I received the email from her again on Wednesday. I thought my odds are pretty good since she asked for the referees’ contact details. Usually they wouldn’t go through so many troubles to contact all candidates’ referees, so I must have been shortlisted. But why it has taken her so long to let me know the decision.

Oh well, it’s only Friday, only the second day after I provided the information. Maybe she is having trouble contact my referees.