For some reason, I like to read story books, like fiction novels. I seldom read books which do not have a story line. My three favourite stories are Memoirs of A Geisha, Lord of The Ring, and the Harry Potter series. All three stories were made to movies and shown in the cinemas around the world. All three stories made to box office.

I have to say that the reason for why I read Memoirs of A Geisha and Lord of The Ring was because of the movie. I learnt that the movied were under production long before they were released, and read the books out of curisity. I cannot remember the reason why I bought the first Harry Potter book, but after I finished reading the first book, I could not wait for the 2nd, 3rd… books to come out. Unlike a lot of people, I never pre-order any of the Harry Potter book, I just went to the book shop some time later after they were published to get them at a cheaper price.

I read Memoirs of A Geisha twice, just finished the second time. I also watched the movie twice. When I read the book for the first time, I was amazed by the illustration of those beautiful kimonos. I searched Google for the pictures of kimonos, and some of them are really pretty, so beautiful, they look like something out of reach. I also fantasized the makeup worn by geishas, like a white mask, only shows the professional expression and hides the personal feelings. I was bit disappointed with the movie though. The movie did not express the story totally and changed the story line a bit. Also, they did not show the white makeup in the movie. Hence, I decided to treat the book and the movie as two different stories with a lot of similarities.

With the Lord of The Ring, as there are three volumns, it took me half year to read the beginning of the first part. Then I watched the first movie before I finish the first volumn. However, after the first movie, I was stunned by the beautiy of the scenary in the movie, and finished the stories within a month. I watched all three movies twice, and just started to read the book for the second time. I believe the movies truely captured the spirit of the book, and transformed the story beautifully for viewers’ eyes. I just started to read the book for the second time. I have to admit, this book is quite difficult for me to read as it contains a lot of difficult words, but it does not stop me from reading the book.

Compared with Memoirs of A Geisha and Lord of The Ring, the Harry Potter series are targeted at children. I read all 6 books and watched all 4 movies. They are very entertaining and I do not have to use my brain when I read/watch them. Very good material for killing time. On an interesting note, studies showed that the kids injuried in accidents were dramatically reduced in the first few weeks after the 5th and 6th books were published. From that, one can see how popular Harry Potter is among the kids.