Woke up at 5:30 this morning because the doctor appointment was booked at 8 am. The sky was still dark when I woke up, guess the winter is really close now.

Made a coffee for myself, it was my breakfast. Checked emails, nothing, same as usual. Left home at 6:50 am to catch the 7:04 am bus. The sky was still bit dark, all the cars on the street had their headlights on. The street was busy, a lot of cars. I nearly got blown away by a truck while waiting for the traffic light to across the main road. The bus was five minutes late.

The bus was 3/4 full, all the passengers were on the way to work. Guess it was still early for students and people without jobs like me. Although there were many cars on the road, but the traffic was good. Missed my stop, got off the bus at the next stop and walked back. Luckily, it was not far. It was 7:20am, only took 10 minutes to get there by bus. Last time it took me nearly 30 minutes, guess the traffic in the early morning is really good. I took 20 minutes to walk to the hospital from the bus stop. Walked really slow, besides the time I had to pass a waste collecting truck. The air smelt terrible, but it also amused me as well. I thought this scene would not have been seen in Sydney, all the waste would be transported via the underground pipe.

Had another cup of coffee before going to the doctor's room. It was too early for me to wake up. Arrived at the doctor's room at 7:55 am. The glass door was closed, no one inside, I wandered around. Doctor arrived at 8 am sharp, opened the door to let me and another patient to go in. She saw the other patient first, and I read a gossip magazine while I was waiting. Another patient came in, standing at the reception area, waiting for someone I guessed. I told her that no one at reception area yet, but the doctor has arrived and is seeing someone at the moment. The secretary arrived just in time to collect the money from the first patient the doctor was seeing.

Doctor told me the result from MRI scan I had earlier this month, nothing has changed since my last MRI scan taken an year ago. I was bit disappointed, I thought it would get smaller and I would be off the medication soon. The doctor said it was a good news, because it is not getting bigger either. The results from blood test indicated everything is fine. Doctor said I will need to take another MRI scan, but not next year, but two years later. For now, I continue on my medication until I decide to have a baby.

15 minutes, another 100 dollars gone. Left the hospital and walked to bus stop. Got on bus to come home. If everything happens for a reason, what is the reason for me to have this problem? Maybe there is no reason for everything that happens in my life, just some.