When I woke up this morning, the sky was still dark. I think Mr. Sun was still at home and prepare to leave. Maybe he was checking if he brought the keys, mobile phone, changes, and maybe sunglasses. Then he left home, and I could see the sky became golden yellow color, with a little bit red.

It was cold after the sun came up, and I remembered that I learnt the coldest hour in a day is after dawn when I was in school. I wonder how many people still remember this factor. I found a website that explains this phenomena, click here.

For some reason, I do not use my little portable air conditioner often, and I have not used it once to help me to sleep during hot summer days. Maybe because I am lazy to set it up, it is very noisy, or it is not cool enough even when it is turned on to full power. However, I cannot sleep when it is hot. When the weather is cold, I can simply add more blankets to keep myself warm. When the weather is warm, it is still too hot without any blanket and I lie there naked.

In many summer nights, I just turn over and over in the bed until the dawn. The air cools down around that hour and I finally fall asleep. I cannot sleep long during those days, cause the air gets hot again very soon and I just have to wake up from the heat.