There is this girl I know of from an Internet chat room. She is bit strange in general, but I still chat to her some times, but most of the times I tend to ignore her.

One thing I dislike about her is that she doesn’t look for an answer before asking questions. I mean, she has Internet connection and she can chat online without any problem, then she must be able to use Internet browser to search for information. I tried to look for information for her when I first chatted to her. I searched on google, found websites and pasted the URL to her. Everytime I looked for an answer on google for her, the answer always showed up at the first few results, it is not difficult at all. Hence, I tried to get her to search for answers on google herself.

Like yesterday, she said she had to go to this place for training and she did not know how to get there by public transportation and she doesn’t have a car. I told her to look for information on the transport infoline website, she did not do it, she ignored my suggestion and kept on asking other people. I searched the website for that place and found some details on how to get there by public transportation, it took me less than 10 seconds. Hence, I told her that she could find the information on the website, I didn’t give her the URL, so she didn’t check. Finally, someone was nice enough to paste the instructions on to the chat room for her to read.

Really, how much help she needs from others to get an simple answer? She surely can help herself first by looking on the Internet, then asks other people questions if she really really cannot find the information. People like her really bug me.