Had a chat with an ex colleague, she said we are both single and living by ourselves, so we have to take care of selves. I cannot agree with her more on that comment.

Most of my friends may smell some thing is wrong if I'm not online for a few days without any notice. However, what if I collapse when the computer is on and it is still connected to the Internet? Will they ever find out that I'm gone?

Some times I feel that being single and living by myself is not bad after all, and there are friends who would come to help me when needed. I can leave the toilet door open all the time and I can do whatever I want. Even when I get sick, I don't really need someone to take care of me, just give me a few days of sleep, and I'll be as healthy as a cow again.

Of course, it would be good if there is some one around for all the heavy lifting, but that's about it. I can go out with friends and still have fun. I am happy with the relationship I'm having at the moment, no fight, no argument, just the happy times. I don't know…