Maybe I want to get back into the game, I thought, so I joined RSVP. The other reason was because I saw the RSVP ad on television. I have to admit, I am easily influenced by advertisements. A few years ago, my ex got me a blowfish during one of his fishing outings. It was still a baby, very tiny and cute, so I decided to keep it. However, I didn't have a fish bowl nor air pump. I kept the fish in the box with the water from the river where the fish was caught. A few days later, the fish was a little bit sick and didn't swim much. At that time, there was a headache tablet ad on tv, which featured a dolphin. In the ad, the dolphin wasn't too happy and didn't swim much either, and someone in the ad dropped that headache tablet in the ocean, and the dolphin was cured. I just happened to have the same headache tablet at home, so I put one in to the box. And not long after, the fish died, of course.

I know that was a very stupid thing for me to do, but that just shows how easily I can be influenced by advertisements on television. Oh, another example is when I order pizza delivery after seeing the pizza ads.

Back to RSVP thingy, I don't know why I joined.

On another note, although I am easily persuaded by television commercials, I have no problem turning sales away or throw away those junk mails. I hung up on several telemarketers, threw away a lot of flayers. And today, I just turned away a sales who buzzed my door bell. There was no reason for me to talk to him, I didn't even open the door for him, for safety reason as well.