Went shopping again today. Food shopping that is, and some groceries. I just did some shoppings on Thursday, and spent quite a few bucks today.

I actually compared the price of chicken drumsticks today, with the price in the supermarket and at the butchers. This is a new thing I just picked up recently, compare the prices and go for the cheaper one. Before, I just went into the shop and took from the shelves without looking at the price. Today, I actually looked at the price tags and thought if it is necessary before putting them in the trolly.

I consider myself lucky, money is never a problem for me. That's not really true, I worry that I won't have enough money, even when there is enough. But I never have to worry that I will run out of money, there is always something in the bank account. Some friends thought it is quite amazing that I am still able to pay the bills, buy food, and go out sometimes when I'm out of work for 4 months.

Most of my friends are crying poor even when they have the money in the bank. They calculate every cent and go for the cheapest things they can find. On that point, I don't agree with them, because the cheapest things are always the first to break. However, I am willing to settle for cheaper things these days. What can I say? I am poor! I need to save every cent so I can buy a place for myself.