I win the power ball, buy the dream houses and dream cars for my friends. Shower my parents with every thing they want. Set up a fund for my brother, so my parents do not need to worry about his life and well being any more. Buy myself a cosy place and a Toyota RAV4. Finally, open a coffee and flower shop, only dealing with customers I like, free cup of coffee or tea at any time.

I walk in the Middle-Earth, make friends with elves, hobbits and men over there. I live in the forest, next to a clear and sweet stream, on a little hill. There are flowers every where during spring, yellow leaves on the tree in autumn, and snow covers every inch of the land when winter comes. Learning music from the elves, riding horse across the field with men, and doing gardening with the hobbits.

There is a smile on my face all day long. There is nothing to make me sad nor angry. There are not many people in this world, there is no war, there is no hunger. There is no good, no evil, no genius, every one is equally dumb. There is no money, diamonds and pearls every where.

I am the Mother of a famous geisha, raised and trained the geisha myself, treat her like real daughter. Life is not always kind, but I am able to face all challenges. A huge collection of kimonos stored in my okiya. The place is small but has a beautiful Japanese style garden. Every one in the little world is happy and treats other people right.
Die from a painless death, lying in the bed. Everyone accepts it, no one is sad. They are happy for me, because I have lived my life in full. No regrets, no unfinished business, just leave this world peacefully.