Quite a few things happened since Wednesday, started the new job, got my citizenship certificate.

strawberry_point1.gif I started the new job on Wednesday. It was cold on that day and I did not want to leave my bed at all. However, it doesn't sound good to miss the first day work. Dragged myself out of bed, and put on clothes. I woke up bit earlier than I should because I didn't know the traffic condition, I was afraid to be late.

Three days have passed, and I am still quite confused. I still do not know what I need to do and how to do my job. Went through the basic introduction of the company and products, so I have some basic idea about the company. I know it takes time to familiarize everything, but I want to know everything now!

strawberry_point1.gif Attended the citizenship ceremony last night and got my citizenship certificate. It was an interesting experience. I didn't attend any citizenship ceremony before, was born as a citizen of my home country, that is it. My friends took some photos, and I'll upload them later.