Started to do what I am suppose to do according to the job description. It is quite interesting, also very troublesome. Interesting because this is the first time I am doing it, troublesome because there are many steps within one process, and things need to be checked and rechecked, then check again at the end. Afterwards, every transaction needs to be recorded.

Unfortunately, I am unable to bring work home, so I'll have to finish everything in the office. I can take the instructions home to familiar myself with them, but I did not take them home today because I had other things to carry. I think I need a bigger bag for work now.

I am thinking about going stationery shopping tomorrow. There is a stationery room in the office, but someone is looking after it. If I need anything, I cannot just take it myself, I need to ask that person to unlock the doors to get whatever I need. I don't mind buying stationery, I can claim the money back from tax return. I think I need a calculator, some colored pens, and highlighters.
Oh Yeah! I am taking bus to work, have to change to another bus in the city. I try to leave home early and get on earlier bus, so I can get a seat on the bus. It's quite a long ride, takes about 30 to 40 minutes to city when the traffic is still alright. If I leave home on a later time, I may not be able to get a seat on the bus and may be late for work due to traffic jam.

Since I leave home early, I arrive at office early too. For the past two days, I arrived at the office an hour earlier than what is required. I got a chance to change my computer wallpaper, setting the appearance, and change the views in Outlook. Now, the work computer is configured to the way I like, which gives me a sense of belonging.