The TV news in Australia have been reporting on this amazing story for the past few days. It is about a gold mine in Tasmania that was collapsed on April 25th. There were 17 people in the mine at that time, 14 people escaped and 3 people were still in the mine, hope was slim for those three people to be alive. On April 27th, they found a body, which made people worried, they were afraid they would only find the remaining two bodies. The rescuers did not give up on searching though.

However, miracle happened, on April 30th, nearly 5 days after the collapse, the rescuers talked to the remaining two people in the mine. They survived the collapse because they were both sitting in some sort of cage when it happened. It was a very small cage, only a 1.2 meter x 1.2 meter cheery picker cage, but it saved the two people from being crushed by a big rock when the rock fell on them.

Today is May 5th, the two survivors are still trapped in the mine. There are a lot of news about this incident, the news talked about how and what they get for supplies, how they have survived the first few days, and why they are still in the mine, not outside.

I did not know the mine was collapsed until they were talking about the survivors on the news. I did not understand why they were in the mine three days after they were found. They would have been out already after three days, I thought. It looked like some people were hopeless when it came to rescue people trapped in the mine. But I was wrong, it was a very complex mine, there no other like this around the world. Hence, this is the first rescue project of its kind.

Leave the rescue planning to the experts, I just want to say that I found those two survivors are amazing. They are still in high spirit. If it was me trapped in that mine under that kind of condition, I would want to die already.