Just talked to my father a few hours ago, he has been suggesting me to go back to Taiwan or find a job in China. He said since I cannot find a better job here, why not go back. I don't know why he wants me to go back, if it's just for a better job, that's not a good reason for me.I don't like the life in Taiwan, don't think I'll like the life in China either. If I liked living in Taiwan, I wouldn't have come back to Australia six years ago. Even though some times I feel lonely by myself in Australia and I miss my parents in Taiwan, I don't want to move back. I know I won't be happy over there either, why not just stay here and be less unhappy?

I am not so sure why I stay in Australia either. I cannot give one good reason for my decision. Well, there is one, but it is not a good one. If you know the reason, you'd think I'm stupid or something. But it's not something can be rationalized.

I keep hoping my life in Australia will get better, so my parents won't ask me to go back. I am not so sure what my mom thinks. I believe she doesn't think Taiwan is a good place for the future living. However, she did mention it once that I should give it a go in China. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel very uncomfortable when I'm in a place full of Asian, like Chinatown.